Holistic coaching, Private session

Price: 30 USD

In a private session, I am able to understand where do you need help.  I can give you all my knowledge based on your information, and the holistic analysis, that I do to achieve health and happiness.

Each person is unique so each one’s journey to vibrant health must be unique as well.
Life is exciting with work, raising a family, social activities, community interests. Stress makes us feel drained of energy, overwhelmed and negative. Our weight starts to creep up and sleep gets short-changed in the effort to keep all the balls in the air. How do you find the time and energy for exercise, healthy nutrition and proper rest?

Let me help you on this road.

With smart food choice and combination + with a moderate sport –  

You can get in shape, like never before!

I don’t believe in quick lose weight diet but in a Balanced Fit Lifestyle!


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